This is my first time to use this groomer and I have already booked appointments for my other dogs. They were so friendly and did such a great job.

My dogs had a late appointment and were the last ones of the day, so they let them roam around instead of putting them in cages (which I like). I hate for my pups to be confined. They like to be free and happy!

They’ve only been opened two months, so I really hope they stick around. It’s so hard to find great groomers in West Plano!

Sharon W., gave us a 5 star rating on Yelp


o-2I’ve only written 1 other review. It was for my California vet – I’m very picky about my pets! Ms Kay is a top-notch groomer. S
he is the best groomer I’ve ever brought Woodie too. Everyone is super nice and the shop is clean. What’s amazing is that they even remembered Woodie when I set up today’s appointment – it’s only the 2nd time he’ll be visiting them!! If you’re looking for a groomer, don’t look further, because Lakeside is the place to go!

Deb R. gave us a 5 star rating on Yelp